Ma Hao

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  • Jimmy Guerrero

    Jimmy Guerrero

    VP Marketing & Community

  • Felipe de Pontes Adachi

    Felipe de Pontes Adachi

    ML & NLP Enthusiast! Linkedin:

  • Ori Cohen

    Ori Cohen

    I hold a Ph.D. in CS. A lead DS for New Relic. Interested in ML, DL, NLP/U/G, BCI. I offer pro-bono advice to startups, contact me

  • Prateek Dubey

    Prateek Dubey

    Data Engineering Manager/ Lead Data Engineer @Global Fashion Group, Singapore

  • Shirshanka Das

    Shirshanka Das

    CEO and Co-Founder, Acryl Data

  • Denys Linkov

    Denys Linkov

    ML Architect @ Voiceflow

  • Asad Faizi

    Asad Faizi

    Entrepreneur, Technologist, Co-Founder of Multiple Startups. Founder and CEO,, a low-code SaaS platform for Kubernetes application developers.

  • Ryan Dawson

    Ryan Dawson

    Principal Data Consulant at ThoughtWorks. Writing about making great software.

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