build kubernetes csi development env by kind on Mac

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Recently I’ve been investigating Model training acceleration, I found Alluxio, at the same time noted Fluid,

Our Service are all on kubernetes, Fluid is a good architecture strategy

I need a development environment where I can submit code and get involved

But no one used Kind to develop it, kind is a good kubernetes development tool

So follow me and start setting up the development environment by kind on Mac

Fluid currently contains four controllers

  • alluxio
  • csi-driver + node-driver-registrar(sidecar)
  • dataset
  • jindo

csi-driver need to communicate with kubelet, so we run them in node container

the rest of controllers run directly on the Mac

  1. create kind kubernetes cluster

“/User/mahao/go” is my GOPATH on Mac

local/go for building csi-driver code in kind node container, you can download it from, I use go1.16.3.linux-amd64.tar.gz

2. create crds and csi driver to kind cluster


3. run csi-driver and node-driver-registrar code in kind node container

start fluid csi driver

start node-driver-registrar

I made a small change to node-driver-registrar based on V1.3.0 , you can checkout it from

The only change is to allow passing `reg-path` in parameters

4. start alluxio, dataset on the Mac

start alluxio

start dataset

load image to kind cluster

4. run fluid demo

finish it,

If you have an easier method based on Kind, please leave a comment

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